How Killer Injuries are Plaguing the NFL

This NFL season seems to be a lot more volatile then other seasons in the recent medical-symbol-eps-illustration-design-47882922-1past. There have been an incredibly high number of players placed on the season ending injured reserve, highlighted  by the likes of Le’veon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, and several other players. The number of people who have lost their season seems high, but when you add in people that have missed time and avoided the IR then the number becomes absolutely outrageous.

Look at who was originally selected for last years pro bowl. Before people bowed out of the game due to injuries, personal reasons, or they were playing in the super bowl, most of that roster has missed time this season from injuries. In fact, every one of the running backs that were selected for the pro bowl has missed at least one game, and three will miss the entire season. Tweet this fact. 

Also, half of the quarterbacks that were selected to represent the league have missed time due to injury this year. Here is the complete roster for the 2015 pro bowl. These problems at first glance seem to be severe and could possibly take away some excitement of the game, but recent history has shown that this might not be as big of a problem as before.

Although people have been suffering these severe season ending injuries at a high rate, players don’t really have to question whether or not they will be able to return to playing at a high level. Just this year alone there are two players that are excelling at their respective positions who are coming off of two torn ACL’s. One of those is Todd Gurley, the rookie running back sensation in St. Louis. Gurley is only 12 months removed from his torn ACL he suffered while still in college at the University of Georgia. Some people weren’t sure of the impact he would have at the NFL level this soon after his injury, but he has proved to people that he is more then able to take on defenses already. Over his first four career starts, he has racked up the most rushing yards then any back in league history through any of their first four starts. Some people may say that he has had an easier road back to playing because he is a young player, as he is still only a few months past his 21st birthday.

Another player that is bouncing back from the daunting torn ACL is Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis. As a matter of fact, Davis is coming off of three torn ACL’ s in the three consecutive years from 2009-2011. Unlike Gurley, Davis has been through this injury and the grueling rehab three times, and Davis is 11 years older then Gurley as well. That shows that age doesn’t play as much of a role in the return process as some people say. The key to returning from season ending injuries, and the surgery and rehab process that follows is the determination and desire to want to come back.

Now look aggym-592899__180ain at the list of players who have lost their season. There are a lot of young talented players on the list. The problem of the lack of star power is only a short-term one here, as most have already started their trek back to competing.


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